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Currency Rates as of 16/9/2014
CurrencyWe BuyWe Sell
U.S. Dollar7.147.1801
Sterling Pound11.540411.6669
Swiss Franc7.62667.6916
Japanese Yen0.066520.06714
Swedish Krona1.00021.011
Norwegian Krone1.11431.1242
Danish Krone1.23961.25
Canadian Dollar6.44936.5055
Australian Dollar6.41896.5001
Saudi Riyal1.90361.9145
Kuwaiti Dinar24.91125.0571
U.A.E. Dirham1.94391.955
Qatari Rial1.96081.9721
Omani Rial18.544518.6491
Bahraini Dinar18.938519.0449
Jordanian Dinar10.081910.1342

* The above rates are indicative and are subject to change within the day.

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